BIND and Up!Euskadi at South Summit

The BIND Platform and Up Euskadi will be in Madrid in June to share our latest corporate-backed tech startups and make new connections with leaders and groundbreakers in innovation. With over 30,000 Startups participating year to date, Investors and Corporates know that South Summit Madrid is the place to be.  

Plus, as part of our commitment to startup visibility and growing the local ecosystem, BIND has a discount code, to encourage everyone to join us in Madrid. BIND is offering a 25% discount to our entire community, simply use the code BIND40_25 at checkout. 

South Summit Madrid, one of the largest events in tech & innovation, offers a huge network to make connections, share transformative projects and learn from industry leaders. The theme this year is HUMAN BY DESIGN, focused on ensuring that innovation and transformation stay true to improving human lives and advancing humanity. 

We can’t wait to share the latest innovation projects backed by corporate clients and see what human centric technologies the future has in store. Join us on the exhibition floor and introduce yourself to our team. 


Events Programming offer Insight + Networking 

Apart from the value of working the exhibit floor, the outbreak sessions (events programming) are a great opportunity for networking and gaining industry insight. Check out the Startup Pitching session on June 6th where BIND Alumni will present their transformative solutions.  


Find BIND Coordinators and Alumni at these events: 

  • Startup Pitching Session: June 6th at 4pm 
  • Exhibition Floor: All Day 


Startups Attending


Inalia Intelligent Industry Connectivity and IoT
Seaquenz Clean Energy & Sustainability Connectivity and IoT
Ventijet Health Technology, Health Tech Healthcare Monitoring Devices
Recharge Recycling to Protect Intelligent Industry Additive Manufacturing
Nómada Omnimotion Health Tech Immersive Technologies
ii40Services Intelligent Industry Connectivity and IoT
Sabelec Health Tech Software
Surphase Intelligent Industry Connectivity and IoT
CLCircular Clean Energy & Sustainability Connectivity and IoT
Andromeda Moto Retail Advanced and sustainable fabrics
Senstile Fashiontech Artificial Intelligence
Oposita Urilan XXI Education Software
Worldpats Digital Human Resources Software
Ingevital Health Tech Connectivity and IoT
Novaut Marketplace Robotics and Electronics


Join us June 5 – 7 in Madrid

Use code BIND40_25 for a 25% Discount 

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