Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar SL

Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar SL
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Radar designers on innovative & disruptive applications

  • Detect the presence of people in different scenarios outside and inside the lift. This technology is used with the purpose of improving safety and efficiency in the operation of elevator systems, reducing the risk of accidents. The concept of the proposed use case is a system that, from the readings of one or more sensors, can obtain an unambiguous presence reading for the different intended locations of interest.
  • The proposed radar systems can detect, with high accuracy and in real time, the presence of people even in low light conditions or in lifts with complex configurations.
    Radar systems can assist safety measures and maintenance of lifts, or optimize operation by either stopping the closing of doors or adjusting the waiting time when no people are present, which can save energy in the long run.
  • The operating environments in these scenarios are complex and often aggressive, requiring high-performance sensors that are available 24/7 and reliable under the most adverse indoor and outdoor conditions. Systems that alarm and/or prevent accidents.
  • The radar system can record data on lift occupancy, people movement patterns and any safety events. This data can be used for further analysis and to further improve efficiency and safety.

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