Government Initiative

Invested in Innovation

BIND was launched in 2016 in the Basque Country, an Industry hub with a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, in order to connect innovative startups worldwide with Industry leading companies. BIND facilitates the development of transformative Industry projects while providing unparalleled business support due to the region’s strategic long-term commitment to Industry and Innovation.

BIND is a public-private initiative funded by the Basque Government and the Department of Economic Development Sustainability and Environment through the SPRI Group. The SPRI Group is the Basque Government’s business development agency leading and supporting the local entrepreneurship ecosystem through its UpEuskadi platform.

The Basque Government and it’s business support agency SPRI designed the BIND platform to:

  • Attract new emerging industrial activity & accelerate digital transformation
  • Foster the development & implementation of innovation from startups worldwide
  • Strengthen the Basque entrepreneurial and industrial ecosystem

Public Funding And Support Services

Young startups and established companies participating in the BIND programs, have access to executive training, high impact mentoring, economic aid and the best possible support from the local government.

BIND is one of many startup initiatives funded by the Basque Government, to foster talent, innovation and digital transformation thus enhancing the greater ecosystem. Basque Innovation Centers provide free workspaces while professionals and investors facilitate workshops and guidance helping companies grow and create successful collaborations.

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Internationally Acclaimed Platform

In 2024, the BIND Platform was ranked 23rd in 125 of the Leading European Startups Hubs by the Financial Times. The evaluation which analyzed 2,000 programs, was performed by Startup Alumni and BIND received additional acclaim for exceptional Mentoring.

In 2023, the BIND Open Innovation Platform received the Startup Ecosystem Stars (SES) Award for being an outstanding model of how government agencies can catalyze regional innovation and scaling in technology sectors. The SES Awards, presented by Mind the Gap ​​and the International Chamber of Commerce, spotlight exemplary practices and pivotal figures shaping the landscape of global innovation.

In 2020, BIND was acknowledged by the European Commission with an EEPA Award for Improving the Business Environment. Additionally, the International consulting firm Gartner declared BIND as one of the best platforms driving innovation in industrial ecosystems.

BIND has clearly been established at an international level, as a benchmark platform for open innovation, realizing disruptive projects, and growing the entrepreneurial ecosystem.

European Enterprise Promotion Awards Winner 2020

Putting Innovation Into Action

Open Innovation Catalyst

How does Open Innovation work? The BIND Open Innovation method connects dynamic startup teams with well-established industry leaders, to provide external solutions for their internal digital transformation challenges. This is a win-win approach by leveraging the expertise and agility of startups with the experience and resources of corporate clients.

Venture Clients Invest As Customers

The Venture Client approach means large companies, like our 80+ Corporate Clients, contract startup teams for real Industry projects. This is a creative approach to investing by allowing the startup to maintain ownership of their company and get important reference customers as they implement and scale their solutions. Startups and Corporates alike get real benefits and results.

Education + Synergy + Community

BIND provides specialized workshops, professional development and business mentoring for both Corporates and Startups to stay up to date, improve their competitive edge and successfully collaborate on industrial environment innovation. Thanks to our prominence and 8 editions of experience connecting startups worldwide with local Industry leaders, BIND has an evolving ecosystem of alumni, corporations and investors actively networking, making connections and finding synergy.