What is BIND SME?

Through the BIND SME initiative, innovative Startups discover current industry challenges and get immersed in the cooperative Basque Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystem through Open Innovation. Participating Startups earn reputable reference customers while working on paid contracts implementing solutions in real environments for one or more leading local companies.

The goal of this public-private BIND program is twofold, to bring startup clients by presenting their disruptive solutions to SMEs in order to boost digital transformation and face their technological challenges.

The driving force of BIND SME is to use the BIND Open Innovation Ecosystem and platform model to facilitate innovation projects between Basque SMEs and startups. BIND SME generates new opportunities for collaboration following the model of industrial challenges and the Open Innovation model of the BIND Platform.

Startup Benefits

  • Real Projects with Real Turnover

  • Facilitated Access to Market & SMEs

  • Rapid Implementation of Solutions

  • Reputable Reference Customer

  • Positioning and Visibility
  • Maintain Technology Ownership

  • BIND Proven Success Model

  • Join the Basque Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

BIND 4.0 SME Connection benefits

Startups benefit from the active participation of innovative companies seeking targeted solutions to joint challenges defined by the SMEs.

What type of Startups should apply?

  • Startups that are no more than 8 years old, that present the use of new technologies to improve industrial processes and that are ready to accelerate their business development.

  • Startups with new technologies, that have already completed their technological development. In other words, Startups that have a product or solution that can be tested, proven, or is already available on the market.

  • Startups and Scale-ups with disruptive solutions that can be applied to the Clean Energy, Advanced Manufacturing, Environmental, Construction, Design, Automotive and Food industries, including: Artificial Intelligence, Big Data Analytics, Computing, Cybersecurity, Artificial Vision, IoT, 3DPrinting/ Additive Manufacturing, Collaborative Robotics, Nanotechnology, New MAterial, ARVR and so much more!

3rd Edition SME and Cluster Organizations, Looking for New Technologies

The SMEs that form the BIND SME are active members of different Basque Clusters and leaders of reference in their sector. This year, 18 SMEs are looking for innovative solutions to respond to the new challenges faced by the industry in its digital transformation process, through the application and development of disruptive technologies.

Environment Cluster

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Equipment, Furniture & Design

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Food & Beverage

Basque Food Cluster Logo SME Cluster
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Construction Cluster

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Advanced Manufacturing

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Key dates



BIND 4.0 Immersia

“BIND is the right place to meet real challenges and show we can help companies to solve problems with technologies we are specialized in”

Immersia, Startup
BIND 4.0 Dimeco

“We believe that the collaboration with startups is key to ensure Dimeco’s positioning and its competitiveness

Dimeco, SME