Smart Industry Open Innovation + Acceleration

Reach 70 Industry Leaders who act as Venture Clients by offering contracts to Startups for real Industry projects.

The BIND Open Innovation and Acceleration Program connects dynamic startup teams with well-established companies, to provide external solutions for their internal digital transformation challenges while promoting the development of commercial skills and encouraging the immersion of startups in the local ecosystem, catalyzing new business opportunities.

This zero-equity approach to investing and active acceleration allows startups to maintain ownership and get reference customers while earning paid contracts for implementing solutions in real environments.

Ready to work with paying clients on real use cases with the companies driving the Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health and Food sectors?

What Startups Get

  • POC, Market Validation

  • Access to 70 Corporate Clients
  • Startup Acceleration

  • 42K Average Contract

  • Introductions to Industry Investors

  • High Impact Mentoring

  • Cross-Vertical Network Immersion
  • Retain Ownership, No Equity Taken

  • Key Business Workshops

Seeking innovative technologies

The disruptive technologies of interest expand each year to meet the needs of the 70+ Corporate Clients from the sectors of Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health Tech and Food Tech in the Basque region. If you have developed any related solutions, we encourage you to apply to put your innovation into action.

  • Connectivity and IoT: Smart sensors, Geolocation & Traceability…

  • Artificial Intelligence: Artificial Vision, Machine Learning, Adaptative AI, NLP, IDPs…

  • Immersive Technologies: Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Reality, Digital Twin

  • Big Data: Advanced Analytics, Advanced Graphics Representation…

  • Software: Content Management Platforms, Document Management Systems…

  • Computing: Edge and Quantum Computing, Cloud Solutions, Virtual and Physical Servers…

  • Additive Manufacturing: Metallic, Plastic and Food Additive Manufacturing.

  • Cybersecurity: Digital Immune Systems, Securitization of Industrial assets…

  • Robotics and Electronics: Collaborative Robotics, Exoskeletons, Power electronics, Nanotechnology…

  • Sustainability & Circular economy: Recycling, Smart Grids and Cleantech.

  • Hydrogen Technologies

  • Health Tech: Medical devices, Biobased solutions…

  • Food Tech

12 Business Use Cases for 2023 Open Call

In addition to the disruptive technologies in demand, the BIND Corporate Clients have prioritized 12 Use Cases that address current Industry Challenges. Apply today, if you have developed any technologies listed above, or solutions that address these Use Case challenges.

Technical application of solutions for business monitoring and traceability:

  • Physical traceability and manufacturing route, out-of-standard routes, linked with MES and ERP data, in order to optimize the implementation of new products/processes.
  • E2E product life cycle (Conception, design, production process, Packaging and distribution).
  • Development of platforms for traceability and waste management with certification based on Mass Balance methodology.
  • Workflows of services provided / Processes: Guarantee traceability of special processes that require personnel or machinery approvals.
  • Connectivity and integration of productive or business processes.
  • Process sensoring for data collection for additional uses.

Solutions to improve environmental impact, energy efficiency and sustainability (both of processes and business or final product) in various ways, including:

  • Net emission reduction (decarbonization solutions, CO2 capture and storage, other emission compensation methodologies…).
  • Review of production processes to increase its energy efficiency, including segmentation of consumption of different facilities to manage the global efficiency of industrial plants.
  • Solutions for energy accumulation and reuse.
  • Energy monitoring and traceability, including storage and reuse.
  • Emission measurement and reporting.

Digitization and optimization of internal business processes:

  • Digital systems for management, planning and decision support (demand forecasting, stock management, inventories, shifts, personnel, follow-ups…).
  • Automate the supply matrix: Achieve agile and logical access to the information of material delivery from suppliers.
  • Automation of internal (business) processes through process robotics (Automation of purchasing, sales, invoicing, quality, reporting processes…).
  • Review and improvement of the model of relations with the final customer (Segmentation, relation with products, etc.).

Innovation in mobility, with solutions such as:

  • Autonomous mobility.
  • Industrial electric mobility / Electrification of industrial fleets.
  • Automation and robotization in warehouse and logistics (EGV).
  • Methodological and operational innovation for fleet management or automation.
  • Energy storage / components, modules and systems for electric mobility.

Solutions to extend the useful life of productive means, with special emphasis on their monitoring for the application of passive, preventive, predictive, adaptive or evolutionary maintenance methodologies for both productive means and infrastructure.

Within these solutions, prioritize those for the detection of anomalies and the calculation of the RUL (Remaining Useful Life) for power electronics components or industrial machinery and equipment

Innovation in productive or business processes, affecting:

  • Industrial processes (new materials, methodologies) and business processes (CRM).
  • Additive manufacturing, including finishing/polishing technologies for metal components of 3D printing of complex morphology and very difficult access to interiors, unconventional or novel technologies.
  • Digital innovation applied to the worker (PRL solutions, immersive technologies, HMI interfaces).
  • Cable projection, routing: Projection on table or on vehicle of cable harnesses for assembly on bench or routing.
  • Assembly projection: Projection on vehicle of assemblies.
  • In Mold Electronics (IME).

Solutions related to robotics:

  • Robotic innovation (advanced robotics).
  • Collaborative robotics applications.
  • Specialized sensors for monitoring key instructions/characteristics in automated processes.
  • Sensors for tracking characteristics of metal parts.
  • Monitoring of elements of the robot itself.

Solutions to improve user experience, such as:

  • Improvements in customer lifecycle tracking and modeling (innovation in funneling, marketing, positioning, conversion…)
  • Business processes automation (BPA) related to customer service.

New proposals based on Hydrogen (application of H2 to productive processes) or its generation (Electrolysis).

Proposals for digitization, innovation or optimization of quality processes, including:

  • Methodological review of resources or means used for the control of quality and related reporting.Monitoring of industrial processes for quality control and generation of recommendations.
  • Control systems for machining tools (milling e.g.) of metal parts for machines (vision control systems among others).
  • Automatic systems focused on defect detection in metal parts of complex geometry (very bright parts, small and non-repetitive defects).
  • Surface quality control of sheet metal.
  • Quality control of assembly.

Review of the value chain to identify the waste generated and reuse it (recovery in previous stages), optimization of its recycling or valorization (reduction of costs and environmental impact).

Ex: Sensorization of buckets for oil status measurement and recovery of this from the production process for recycling and recovery.

Solutions and innovation in the business (processes, products and services) based on the capture, monitoring, analysis and valorisation of biomarkers.

What To Expect…

+ Connection
+ Acceleration
+ Validation
+ Growth

The BIND Open Innovation & Acceleration Program can be broken down into four interconnected phases.

What to expect


Call for Startups, Scouting Process and Pre-Selection of Desired Solutions.


Pitching Sessions and Matchmaking with 70 Industry Leading Corporate Clients.


High Impact Acceleration and Smart Industry Project Implementation.


Innovation Showcase & Activities in Basque Industrial Ecosystem.

BIND Supports your Startup and puts your Innovation into Action

7 Editions Of Proven Success

With over 300 Smart Industry Projects realized since 2017, joining BIND means being part of an influential group of startups, corporates, investors and professionals forming a large business support network.

“BIND offers a unique opportunity to boost your project through a partnership with a leading company and accelerate your time to market”


“The combination of workshops, company visits and project collaboration is unique and useful for every startup.”

Nordbo Robotics

“The biggest advantage of taking part in BIND is the established community: BIND Team, world-leading corporates, mentors and startups altogether pursuing new challenges and solutions.”

Flythings Technologies

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