BIND 4.0 at 4YFN 2024

Promoting Basque Open Innovation at 4YFN 2024

We are proud to announce once again our participation in the 4YFN startup events taking place February 26-29, 2024 during the largest global mobile event, MWC GSMA in Barcelona. 

The BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Platform was launched in 2016 in the Basque Country, an Industry hub with a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, in order to connect innovative startups worldwide with industry-leading companies. BIND 4.0 facilitates the development of transformative Industry 4.0 projects while providing unparalleled business support due to the region’s strategic long-term commitment to Industry and Innovation.

At 4YFN 2024, the BIND 4.0 Platform will be promoting not only our award-winning programs but we will also be presenting startup alumni and other startups from the local ecosystem. Join us exhibiting alongside the Up!Euskadi platform which supports programs like BIND 4.0, fostering innovation and strengthening the Basque Entrepreneurial Ecosystem. 

In 2024, 4YFN will celebrate its 10th anniversary of empowering startups and providing a place for investors, corporates and entrepreneurs to interact and exchange ideas. With an audience of over 88k attendees and an impressive list of speakers and exhibitors, this startup event provides the best spotlight for new talent and technologies. 


Basque Ecosystem Startups Participating at 4YFN 

Don´t miss out! Come by our booths and introduce yourself:

Data Value Management Intelligent Industry, Artificial Intelligence
Glucovibes Health Tech, Artificial Intelligence
ENKITEK AgroTech, Connectivity and IoT
Safeloc Systems Intelligent Industry, Connectivity and IoT
Veris Behavior Retail Tech, Immersive Technologies
Nymiz Software Intelligent Industry, Cybersecurity
Trantor Adtech, Artificial Intelligence
Circular Replay Circular Economy, Recovery and Remanufacturing
Naru Intelligence Solutions Health Tech, Artificial Intelligence
Cloudtainer Intelligent Industry, Connectivity and IoT
Contigo Health Care Health Tech, Artificial Intelligence
Global Medical Basque Technology Health Tech, eHealth
We are Clickers Intelligent Industry, Artificial Intelligence
Neety Marketing & Sales, Artificial Intelligence Intelligent Industry, Artificial Intelligence
Orbik Cybersecurity Cybersecurity
Kultursistema Business Inteligence


Startup Pitch Session

Please join us at the Startup Pitch Session on February 28 (11:15-12:15) to learn more about these innovative startups and their latest projects.

  • Data Value Mangement
  • Cloudtainer
  • Glucovibes
  • Enkitek
  • Kultur Sistema
  • Neety
  • Orbik Cybersecurity
  • Safeloc Systems


Talks to look forward to

You are also welcome to meet us during the following lectures and conferences, in which we are taking part:

  • Tuesday, February 27
    • (10:00 – 11:00) Basque Tek Ventures – Venture Builder of digital transformation at Banco Sabadell stand
    • (11:00 – 11:30) Basque Tek Ventures – Venture Builder of digital transformation at CaiXaBank DayOne stand
  • Wednesday, February 28
    • (10:00 – 10:45) Up!Euskadi presentation. Basque Ecosystem of Entrepreneurship at Grupo Santander stand.


Register for 4YFN today and stop by the BIND 4.0 Booth #8.1C54A & #8.1C54B