ANGULAS AGUINAGA Bind 40 Industry Accelerator Program Partner
  • Angulas Aguinaga is the leading company in modern fishmonger solutions in Spain, with a turnover of 185 million euros registered at the close of the 2018 fiscal year. It’s a solid company whose business is based on constant innovation and a focus on quality and brand, supported by a close collaboration with the distribution channel.
  • Innovation has been a constant throughout the entire history of AngulasAguinaga, permeating the whole operation. In terms of investment the company has been allocating a large portion of the budget to R&D. Specifically, investment in this department is three times greater than the sector average, according to the FIAB 2025. The company has also created the first R&D unit focused on food in the Basque Country, with an innovation center as a core tool.