Enerlogix Systems
Enerlogix Systems Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

We add Intelligence to Energy Systems to optimize the energy efficiency, integrating Thermodynamics, Machine Learning, and real-time advanced controls.

  • Project: Enerlogix Systems & Artadi Alimentación.
    Enerlogix has wide experience in programming diverse Programmable Logic Controllers( PLCs) ,HMIs and Scadas, but we go beyond the conventional controls based on PLCs by implementing intelligent thermodynamic expert systems, which optimize the energy consumption of the plant according to the different production requirements and conditions.
    The Intelligent Thermodynamic Expert System is not a substitute for the existing control of the plant, but mainly a high-level supervisory authority sofware that delivers autonomously and automatically different operational setpoints and parameters to the automatic control systems, adapting the operation of the plant according to energy consumption criteria and production requirements.
    The expert control system is supported by a remote data management system where the data is stored, queried and trained. An automatic energy detailed audit is generated daily (over 40.000 millions data stored/year)
    We complement it with a remote technical service (Maintenance contracts).
    We are specialists providing the control systems in any automation environment with memory, intuition and intelligence, integrating in real time expert type algorithms, thermodynamic simulations and machine learning.
    We have many neural networks trained and running in our controls predicting energy consumptions in real-time, also hundreds of simulated compressors calculating and delivering perfomances (COP) and diverse outputs (enthalpies, entropies).

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