GRAPHEXT Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

We provide the best data science software designed and built for decision-makers leveraging machine learning techniques code-free.

  • Project: Graphext & Unilever.GRAPHEXT has been born exactly to address these challenges and make it easy to make accurate decisions
    from complex data for a business user, a business analyst or final decision maker. We believe there is a huge possibilities to automate data management and data-science. GRAPHEXT makes BI & Data Science based
    decision making accessible to the 90% of the companies, that could not have access, democratising access to data-
    driven decision making. GRAPHEXT also offers a much more effective and affordable solution to existing companies
    that already have whole departments for this purpose.Graphext brings a simple but powerful solution into everyone’s daily job, so that sales, marketing, product, HR, strategy,
    business intelligence teams could run complex data analysis and draw actionable insights.
    GRAPHEXT focus is on automating the entire process from data extraction, cleaning, structuring and onto final
    interpretation of information to derive insights, forecasts and reports. All this is achieved by applying automation and
    workflows that focus on delivering analysis through the most advanced data-science algorithm. GRAPHEXT integrates
    internal (CRM, ERP, Machine Data, etc.) and external data sources (from the web, social media and other platforms) to provide any
    organisation with the holistic view needed to make informed decisions.

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