Nucaps Nanotechnology

Nucaps Nanotechnology
Nucaps Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

We help manufacturers to produce better food and supplements, solving problems of absorption, degradation and unpleasant tastes of healthy ingredients.

  • Project: Nucaps Nanotechnology & FAES Farma. Encapsulation of bioactive ingredients and probiotics with Food proteins.
    New microencapsulation technology, for oral delivery and controlled release of bioactives and microorganisms.
    Nucaps is the first company in the world that has achieved an effective and natural encapsulation of active
    ingredients and microorganisms with food proteins as encapsulants.
    We offer development services on nanoencapsulation with nutraceutical and health purposes.
    Our technical capacities together with our technological partners allow us to personalize the products and adapt our technology for a variety of substances and uses:
    – Tailor-made solutions to improve the efficacy of any ingredient.
    – The final product is an easy handling dry powder, with stability at room temperature, that can get a stable suspension in any liquid or matrix, compressed, incorporated into a pill or into any food, beverage or supplement, resisting even cooking process.
    Nucaps has granted its Intellectual Property Rights in 4 Families of International Patents. Nucaps has extended the
    patents to 24 countries.
    Nucaps services consist on a technological platform for the encapsulation of active ingredients or microorganism, using food proteins. Nucaps will offer to clients, depending on their needs, one the following:
    – Development services for technical enhancement of ingredients.
    – The service to encapsulate the substance that the clients send us.
    – The licence to manufacture using our technological platform.

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