OROI Bind Industry 40 Acceleration Program Startup

OROI is a company that applies VR as a solution to generate emotional wellbeing and cognitively stimulate the elderly population.

  • Project: OROI & Mondragon BDC, Onkologikoa. Oroi entertainment: Oroi entertainment is a virtual reality platform with 360º experiences that have been tailored made to the needs and likes of the elderly population and the different cognitive profiles we may find in elder care facilities, from people without cognitive impairment, to users with dementias etc. The main objective of Oroi entertainment is to give users the chance to live experiences and travel to locations they would not be able to nowadays due to age related limitations. While some of the experiences seek to activate and awaken the emotions of the elderly, some others have been desgined to relax and deal with anxiety and nervousness.Oroi cognitive: Oroi cognitive consists of cognitive stimulation exercises that follow an ecological approach. The exercises that are practiced in the virtual world have a transfer to real life situations the users will be facing. Thanks to oroi cognitive, we can train those cognitive functions within a safe environment.Oroi Fit: Oroi Fit is a system that combines VR with adapted pedals, a product that aims to combine physical activity and entertainment. With Oroi Fit, the elderly users will be able to virtually cycle around both familiar and exotic locations, working their mobility and training their cardiovascular system.Every solution has a backend, which helps us to collect data of the users activity, getting interesting information about their likes or results of the exercises, which helps us to improve .

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