UVESCO Bind 40 Industry Accelerator Program
  • Grupo Uvesco, a leader in the food distribution and retail sector, was founded in 1993 with the fusion of two companies with long histories in the food distribution sector. Currently Grupo Uvesco employs around 4500 people and has 230 supermarkets located in northern and central Spain. The groups revenue in 2018 was just over 740 million euros. The group is now a leading wealth and employment generator in the areas where it operates.
  • The group’s strategy and culture is focused on excellent customer service, providing a wide selection of quality produce, in many cases working with local suppliers to deliver quality local produce to customers, and always at a competitive price.
  • Uvesco is committed to providing excellent service and quality produce to its customers by constantly improving customer experience. Uvesco is investing in digital transformation and innovation across the organization to help obtain these objectives.