GHI and Aernnova, two industrial companies based in the Basque region, have begun using 4.0 technologies to improve their products. GHI, a 79-year-old metals mill manufacturer, is incorporating sensors into its latest products, which will be delivered to a Mexican aluminum factory.

The two mills have a capacity of 50 tons and can melt non-pure aluminum with energy efficient processes. The newly integrated sensors use relevant data to control the quality of the materials, the temperature and other functions so the mills can know in real-time if the process is efficient.

Aernnova is an aerospace supplier that is using 4.0 technologies to reduce the energy consumption of planes. It is taking part in a European consortium that will supply new wings to Airbus. The Basque company is using additive manufacturing to make their wings more aerodynamic and to allow for easy integration of its pieces into the final product.