One of the most expected sessions of Bind 4.0’s last edition was held in the headquarters of Mercedes-Benz Vitoria, where more than 5,000 people build vans. This huge factory creates 4.5% of Basque GNP and over 14% of its exports and is very advanced in the integration of Industry 4.0 tools.

These are the most interesting subjects treated during the meeting:
– Advanced analytics for energy efficiency. 700 counters provide 2 million asset data per month which is mixed with meteorological information in order to calculate predictions about use and energy cost. With these predictions, inefficient use cases and best tariffs are being analyzed. Bind 4.0 participating startup Bigda Solutions is taking part in this project.

– Usage of collaborative robots is in development phase in the factory so that workers can cooperate with robots in the same working area.

– A virtual store of 3D printed tools has been created with the help of Addimen, another Bind 4.0 startup. This store allows faster and cheaper replacement of spare parts, as stock is reduced.

– Cameras and sensors are being used to detect quality errors in the painting process with a system developed specifically for this factory.