Several Bind 4.0 startups will attend the Advanced Factories congress, which will be held this week in Barcelona. Mesbook, Solid Virtual, Alteria and Optimus3D will be presenting their products and services at this event, one of the main ones in the Industry 4.0 field in Europe.

Bind 4.0’s startups will share space with large multinationals, such as ABB, HP, IBM or T-Systems. German companies will also have a high presence, due to the fact that this country’s Industrie 4.0 program will be starring at the conference.

The congress will offer a wide view of what is happening around digital factories, such as predictive maintenance, cybersecurity, 3d printing, virtual reality or collaborative robots. Though the aeronautics and automotive industries are the largest customers of these technologies, price reductions and open source software are opening the doors to smaller companies.