Stay ahead and stay informed with these 30 Industry 4.0 Influencers!


In line with the diverse nature of our program within Industry 4.0, BIND 4.0 has generated a list of 30 Influencers from different sectors we recommend you to follow to stay up-to-date of the latest trends, innovations and industry news of your field. The influencers’ list include expertes in Ai, Big Data Analytics, Cloud Computing, Cybersecurity, Robotics, AR / VR, Startups and Entrepreneurship, Digital Health, Innovation and 3D Printing.

These Influencers are inventors, speakers, investors, researchers, entrepreneurs, and the self-proclaimed nerds of their field. For this list, we considered their influence on the industry and practical application of their expertise in the manufacturing, digital health and industrial sectors, as well as their social influence based on Twitter followers, speaking engagements and activity on social media outlets like LinkedIn.  

Although there are multitudes of influencers and important voices in each sector, we had to narrow it down to a handful that we felt are always moving the conversation forward and acting as active voices in their field. We hope you agree! 


BIND 4.0 list of 30 Industry 4.0 Influencers for 2020:


Imtiaz Adam

@DeepLearn007 128,100 Followers

Ai / Big Data / Robotics
Data Scientist and Strategy Executive with experience in Digital Transformation. Adam has detailed knowledge of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Deep Learning and experience with 5G, Digital Marketing and Data-Driven Decision Making.


Vala Afshar

@ValaAfshar 445,100 Followers

Chief Digital Evangelist @Salesforce and a Columnist who contributes weekly technology, business and leadership articles to Huffington Post, INC Magazine, and other publications. Afshar is the Host of a weekly video show DisrupTV, with Fortune 1000 business executives, startup founders, venture capitalists and tech and media personalities, covering business, technology and leadership topics.


Marcus Borba

@marcusborba 38,400 Followers

Big Data Analytics
Marcus Borba is a big data, analytics, and data science consultant and advisor. Borba has been named a top Big Data and data science influencer and expert several times. He has also been named a top influencer in machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), business intelligence (BI) and digital transformation.


Kirk Borne

@KirkDBorne 256,300 Followers

Ai / Big Data
Global Speaker, Top Big Data Science, AI Influencer and PhD Astrophysicist. Borne is an American data scientist and executive advisor at management and technology consulting and engineering services firm Booz Allen Hamilton.


Craig Brown

@DrDataScientist 132,000 Followers

Big Data / Technology
Dr. Craig Brown is a top Techpreneur and Technology expert covering 30+ years of various technological and innovative projects for top fortune 1000 companies. He is also a Big Data, Data Science and Data Analytics subject matter expert.


Vitalik Buterin

@VitalikButerin 894,200 Followers

Startups / Technology
Vitalik is the creator of Ethereum. He first discovered blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies through Bitcoin in 2011. He co-founded Bitcoin Magazine in September 2011, and after two and a half years looking at what the existing blockchain technology and applications had to offer, wrote the Ethereum white paper in November 2013.


Martin Ford

@MFordFuture 47,700 Followers

Robotics / Ai
Martin Ford is a Futurist, Speaker, New York Times Bestselling Author and Silicon Valley Entrepreneur. He is a leading expert on Artificial Intelligence, Robotics Revolution, Job Automation and the impact of the accelerating technology on workplaces, the economy and society.


Carla Gentry

@data_nerd 56,000 Followers

Big Data Analytics
Carla Gentry is the owner of Analytical Solution. Gentry, a mathematician and economist, has helped brands as big as Kellogg’s, Hershey, Discover Financial Services, Firestone, and Kraft acting as a liaison between business and IT.


Scott Hanselman

@shanselman 237,100 Followers

Coder / Digital Influencer
Hanselman is a web developer who has been blogging for over a decade. He works in Open Source on ASP.NET and the Azure Cloud for Microsoft out of his home office in Portland, Oregon. Scott has three podcasts on developers’ lives and loves, and one for pop culture and tech media. He’s written a number of books and spoken in person to almost a half million developers worldwide.


Mikko Hipponen

@mikko 198,400 Followers

Cybersecurity / IoT
Hipponen has been working with computer security since 1991. During these years, He has analysed thousands of viruses and caught several online criminals. He is currently the Chief Research Officer at F-Secure in Finland.


Jeff Johnson

@jeffarazzi 146,900 Followers

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
Johnson is the Owner of both The Digital Lab, LLC, and 3D Print RVA, which prides itself on having brought additive manufacturing processes to the Virginia-area (USA) approximately four years ago. Having a resource such as Johnson, who lives the business side of 3D-manufacturing and knows what it takes to deliver top-notch products and services to a paying customer base is invaluable to Twitter users who’d like to gain a better understanding of 3D-printing’s past, present, and future.


Andrej Karpathy

@karpathy 257,400 Followers

Director of AI at Tesla. Previously a Research Scientist at OpenAI, and CS PhD student at Stanford. Karpathy likes to train Deep Neural Nets on large datasets.


Vinod Kholsa

@vkhosla 517,200 Followers

Tech / Entrepreneur
Entrepreneurship zealot, grounded technology possibilist, believer in the power of ideas.


Rick King

@RickKing16 118,700 Followers

VR/AR / Robotics
King is one of the top VR influencers on Twitter and a game developer who’s in VR, mixed reality and augmented reality.


Evan Kirstel

@evankirstel 282,600 Followers

Kirstel is a digital influencer and blogger, she provides B2B, Brand Marketing, Content Marketing, Digital Marketing, Event Marketing, Lead Generation, Market Research, Marketing Consulting and Social Media Marketing services.


Brian Krebs

@briankrebs 275,000 Followers

Brian Krebs worked as a reporter for The Washington Post from 1995 to 2009, authoring more than 1,300 blog posts for the Security Fix blog. As an independent investigative journalist, he writes about cybercrime on his website, KrebsonSecurity. He is also the author of “Spam Nation,” a NYT bestseller.


Fei Fei Li

@drfeifei 342,300 Followers

Ai / Health Tech
Chief Scientist of Ai / ML at Google Cloud, Professor at Stanford University, Co-Director Stanford Human-Centered AI Institute, CoFounder/Chair @ai4allorg, Ai Researcher, AI+healthcare.


Pippa Malmgren

@DrPippaM 29,300 Followers

Dr. Pippa Malmgren is co-founder of H Robotics, Manufacturing Aerial Robotics / Industrial use Drones. She is a best selling author, a well renowned speaker and a Presidential advisor, she regularly speaks on robotics and Ai.


Bernard Marr

@BernardMarr 128,400 Followers

AI / IoT / Big Data
Bernard Marr is an Internationally Best-Selling Author; a Keynote Speaker; futurist; #business, #technology, and #data advisor to governments and companies.


Tamara McCleary

@TamaraMcCleary 308,900 Followers

Ai / Robotics / Social Media
McCleary is an internationally recognized expert on branding, influence & social business, her expertise is in B2B and B2C marketing, social influence and technology. She is the Founder and CEO of Thulium, a brand amplification company in B2B social media marketing and she is consistently ranked in the Top 50 Influencers in various fields from Digital Transformation, M2M, Blockchain, Ai and IoT to Social Media.


Berci Meskó

@Berci 83,300 Followers

Digital Health Tech
Director of The Medical Futurist Institute, science fiction fanatic, health tracker with a mission to bring future technologies to healthcare.


Chris Messina

@chrismessina 103,800 Followers

Ai / Big Data / Tech Trends
Messina is a Product Designer, he developed the Hashtag, and is currently a Developer for Google and Firefox.


Andrew Ng

@AndrewYNg 472,200 Followers

Andrew Ng’s research is on machine learning and AI, with an emphasis on deep learning. Ng is VP & Chief Scientist of Baidu; Co-Chairman and Co-Founder of Coursera; and an Adjunct Professor at Stanford University. In 2011 he led the development of Stanford University’s main MOOC (Massive Open Online Courses) platform.


Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro

@kdnuggets 167,800 Followers

Big Data
Founder of KDNuggets, a leading newsletter and social media account focused on Ai, Data Mining and Machine Learning. Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro is a Top Influencer for Business Analytics, Data Science and Data Mining.


Simon Porter

@simonlporter 152,400 Followers

Big Data / IIoT
A London-based Global business leader and change agent with extensive digital transformation experience in mature businesses & startups. Simon Porter is a leading influencer in cloud computing, big data & IoT. Enabling business to adapt to disruption with agile HR.


Mike Quindazzi

@MikeQuindazzi 149,200 Followers

Business Development Leader for PwC’s US Alliances and Digital Services. Consulting on emerging technology including digital, blockchain, augmented reality, 3D printing, drones, virtual reality, mobile strategies, IoT, robotics, big data, predictive analytics, fintech, cybersecurity, and insurtech.


Bruce Schneir

@schneierblog 122,400 Followers

Bruce Schneier is an internationally renowned security technologist and author. Described by The Economist as a “security guru”. He is the author of over one dozen books–including his latest, Click Here to Kill Everybody–as well as hundreds of articles, essays, and academic papers. His influential newsletter “Crypto-Gram” and his blog “Schneier on Security” are read by over 250,000 people.


Paul Sonnier

@Paul_Sonnier 48,500 Followers

Health Tech
Sonnier is an Innovation Strategist, Author, Speaker, Technologist and Social Entrepreneur. He is also the Founder of the 60,000+ member Digital Health group on LinkedIn.


Ronald van Loon

@Ronald_vanLoon 214,300 Followers

Big Data / Ai / Cybersecurity
van Loon is director of Adversitement, which helps data-driven companies create business value. He is based in The Netherlands and is also an advisory board member for Simplilearn, an educator in cybersecurity, cloud computing, project management, digital marketing, data science and others.


Maarten Verkoren

@verkoren 193,500 Followers

3D Printing / Additive Manufacturing
Maarten Verkoren is the managing partner for 3D Makers Zone, a Netherlands-based firm that assists companies in their quests to adopt disruptive, smart production technologies to advance their operations forward within the shifting marketplace.