INdustry INsiders, INfluencers, INvestors & INnovation at BIND 4.0 Virtual Demo Day, Are you IN?

WHAT? INnovative INdustry 4.0 Projects Revealed, INsight into how to join IN 

The BIND 4.0 Virtual Demo Day is an online event, open to the world, which celebrates the Industry 4.0 Projects executed during the 4th edition of our innovative Basque acceleration program. In addition, the format offers Startups from around the globe to connect virtually with key players in the Industry and see which technologies they are investing in as we accelerate innovation in Industry together.     

On 3 July 2020, the 38 outstanding startups participating in the 4th Edition of the BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program will present their solutions to INdustry INvestors and potential new Clients from Corporates attending, alongside the leaders in their fields, our Corporate Partners at the “Demo Day” closing event. 

We’re honored to present Roundtable discussions regarding the projects Startups have been working on and the interests and needs of Large Companies looking to work with more Startups in the next edition.  We will be joined by top companies in this region with representatives from Coca-Cola, Mercedes-Benz, and Unilever, as well as an opportunity to see the 4th Edition Startups Pitch their solutions to Basque Industry and beyond. 


WHO? INdustry INsiders, INfluencers, INvestors

This exciting event will allow industrial companies, entrepreneurs, industry investors and technology experts to interact with the BIND 4.0 Startups and see their client-validated solutions, with the goal of generating synergy between the main players in the technological and industrial sectors. 


WHY? INsight, INnovation, INvestments

Watch Startups from the 4th edition pitch their cutting edge solutions alongside our Corporate Partners, key industry insiders who’ve contracted them, adding their personal recommendations for why you should Join IN the 5th Edition of BIND 4.0 which begins 3 July 2020

This event is for YOU if you are: A company looking to expand your knowledge and potentially contract startups with the latest technology, an industry investor looking for the hottest solutions backed by Corporate customers, or a young Startup focused on providing cutting edge solutions for AI, Cybersecurity, Machine Vision, Robotics, Big Data Analytics, Augmented / Virtual Reality, IoT, Additive Manufacturing, etc.

Here’s what you can look forward to when you register for free for the Best of BIND 4.0, Virtual Demo Day 2020: 


Online Event Agenda


12:00                 Welcome Message from the event Host, Jack Vincent

12:05                 Keynote speech from Martin Varsavsky

12:35                 Roundtable Discussion with Corporate Partners, Mentors and Startups

  •                           ⦿ Aitor Urzelai, Director of BIND 4.0
  •                           ⦿ Corporate Partner Coca-Cola
  •                           ⦿ Juan Mocoroa of Corporate Partner, Mercedes-Benz Vitoria
  •                           ⦿ Mikel Tejadas of Corporate Partner, Unilever 
  •                           ⦿ Darragh Kelly of BIND 4.0 Alumni Startup, OpenCloud Factory


13:15                 Presentation of Virtual Exhibitor Space and Startups Pitches in online format

  •                           ⦿ Award Presentation for Best Startup Pitch from the 4th Edition


13:35                 Announcing the 5th Edition of BIND 4.0 Opening 3 July 2020

13:30                 Closing Message by Jack Vincent, CTA to join the next edition

ON GOING      Virtual Exhibition Space with links to Alumni Startups and their technology

Reserve your space today for the BIND 4.0 Demo Day online and have the opportunity to learn about the latest technology attracting the attention and investment of our Corporate Sponsors and Investors which will continue to participate in the upcoming 5th edition of the BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program beginning 3 July 2020.  We hope you will joIN us!  



Best of BIND 4.0, Virtual Demo Day 2020

Join us to see Industrial Innovation in Action

Find out how to Participate in the 5th Edition

DATE: 3 July 2020