Challenge Accepted! 12 Startups Participate in BIND 4.0 SME Connection, Developing Solutions to Industry-wide Cluster-led Challenges


The first edition of the SME Connection, the newest program of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Platform, has begun with 12 Startups selected to work on 15 targeted projects. 

The startups who applied to this new program, have presented transformational solutions that address current industry challenges set by Basque Industrial SMEs and the Cluster Organizations they belong to. The SMEs participating in this year’s open innovation initiative are active members of industry Cluster Organizations in the automotive, energy, environmental, and advanced manufacturing sectors in the Basque Country, Spain. 

First SME Open Innovation Projects are Underway


The startups were evaluated and selected by 14 innovative SMEs belonging to the Clusters, UPTEK of AFM, Aclima, ACE and ACICAE, to implement 15 disruptive projects organized in collaboration with the organizations that drive these clusters.

1st Edition Clusters

The 14 benchmark SMEs that will implement these Industry 4.0 projects are: Eldu, Azpiaran, Ekide, Garita, Flexix, Trimek, Ingemat, Indumetal, Zabalgarbi, Agaleus, Dimeco, Ona, Lantek, and Tivoly.

1st Edition Participant Startups

And the 12 Startups selected and participating in BIND 4.0 SME Connection are: Kevo, Siali, Hupi, Ikustec, Inalia, Innovae, D&A, Sincropool, Immersia, Dattium, Ironchip and Nuavis. The first projects have already begun development and the rest will be launched in the coming months. 

1st Edition SME

The 2nd Edition will Arrive in the Autumn


In November 2022, the BIND 4.0 SME Connection will officially announce its second edition for innovative startups interested in collaborating with industrial SMEs in the Basque Country. The startup open call, pitching sessions, and matchmaking will begin in January 2023 and 16 Industry Cluster Organizations will be invited to participate and pose new Industry 4.0 challenges for the candidates so register your interest now and stay tuned for the latest news. 


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