BIND 4.0 SME Connection Facilitates Innovation

The SME Connection is another great opportunity from the BIND 4.0 Platform for startups and scale ups to get in front of potential customers of reference and grow their business in a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem. With 40 projects developed by over 30 startups in just 2 editions, this program is delivering exceptional results. 

Currently entering its third edition, the BIND 4.0 SME Connection connects emerging companies with benchmark SMEs ready to collaborate on Industry 4.0 challenges. Through their cooperation within Basque Industry Clusters, the members of the BIND 4.0 SME Connection identify a series of common challenges that directly affect their businesses. Startups present their solutions in response to the industry-wide challenges and the SMEs select the technological solutions that best fit their demand. 

The BIND 4.0 Platform aims to deliver a win-win program for all participants, boosting innovation for local SMEs and growth opportunities for international startups and scale ups.


Visibility, Growth & Collaboration with Benchmark SMEs

Last year for the 2nd edition of the BIND 4.0 SME Connection, from 6 Industry Clusters, 24 SMEs contracted 18 Startups. The projects developed were able to boost the efficiency and accuracy of industrial processes while providing each startup with a real use case with benchmark companies plus the notoriety of participating in the BIND 4.0 Platform. 

Kevo Technologies, a local startup specialized in Artificial Intelligence and Speech and Language Technologies who participated in the first BIND 4.0 SME Connection program has seen great success. One year after Kevo Technologies’ participation in the SME Connection, CEO, Javier Manzano, shared how their participation has been instrumental in closing the year with good results and a promising forecast. 

We have grown as a team and have collaborated with important companies such as ELDU, Eroski, Bellota Herramientas, Goizper, the BCC and in several projects with social action organizations, among other sectors”, explains Manzano.

For the participating startups and scale ups, BIND 4.0 SME Connection has become a gateway that facilitates access to the market and with real turnover in which to develop their solutions and to respond to the new challenges of the sector. Undoubtedly, visibility and access are some of the greatest benefits enjoyed by both startups and SMEs and according to ManzanoSME Connection brings visibility to talent“.


BIND 4.0 Reputation Boosts Startup Positioning & Visibility 

For startup alumnus Immersia, the BIND 4.0 Platform has meant a before and after in its trajectory. Immersia, founded by Seda Tosun (CEO) and Samara Ruiz (CTO), specialized in visual intelligence, 3D visualization, and data analytics through virtual replicas and interactive environments, participated in the third edition of the BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program and later in the BIND 4.0 SME Connection. 

As the CEO Seda Tosun explains: “BIND 4.0 generates great confidence in the participating startups when it comes to connecting with other companies. The fact that startups can demonstrate the value of their technology through an already developed project that they can show to their potential customers allows startups to reach the market“. 

In addition, Tosun adds: “When we are asked about our journey, we talk about BIND 4.0 and our clients value it very positively. This has allowed us to have a presence in key industry events“. Startups and scale-ups ready to work with benchmark companies and boost their trajectory are encouraged to apply. 



This year for the 3rd cohort, 18 SMEs are seeking innovative solutions to respond to current digitization challenges, and now is the time to present your disruptive technologies. Selected Startups will have not only the paid project solving one of the challenges presented, but will also get validation from a real use case, positioning in the marketplace, and reference clients within the Basque Ecosystem


The 3rd Edition SMEs and Clusters Looking for Solutions

BIND 4.0 SME Connection Clusters

Implementing AI, IOT & Industry 4.0 Technologies 

Some of the technologies of interest to the collaborating SMEs are; Sensor Systems and Internet of Things Platforms, Data Intelligence, AI, Machine Learning: pattern analysis and smart prediction, Intelligent Automation, IoT Visualisation platforms, Big Data platforms, Artificial Intelligence for machines, Predictive Systems for smart waste, Business Analytics, Advanced waste separation and sorting technologies, MES/MOM systems for production control, New technologies/techniques for field data capture and/or their interpretation and Advanced sensors applied to environmental monitoring. If you have developed any related technologies, we encourage you to visit our site and apply.  



Application Deadline Jan 10, 2024

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