As the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation Platform expands its services and sectors, the new business opportunities for tech startups expand as well. This January, we are proud to announce the Startup Open Call for two BIND 4.0 programs, the new GovTech initiative and the 2nd edition of the SME Connection. These exciting startup initiatives offer market validation with industrial SMEs or within the public sector, through paid innovation projects along with networking & visibility in the local business ecosystem. 




The 28 SMEs that form the second edition of the BIND 4.0 SME Connection are active members of 6 Basque Business and Cluster Management Organizations and leaders of reference in their sector. The members identify a series of common industry challenges that directly affect their businesses. The goal for startups is to respond to these sector-led challenges through the development of innovative projects. 

Entering its second year, this program offers multiple benefits to Startups including positioning in the marketplace, product validation in SME companies, and reference clients within the Basque Industrial Ecosystem. 


Aclima (Environment Cluster)
Challenge 1: Optimization of the capture and management of data extracted by third party sensors (+Info)
Challenge 2: Laboratory Data modeling for cause-effect pattern generation (+Info)


Agrupalab                 LogoPyme AAC Acustica                 LogoPyme sercontrol



ADEGI (Business Association)
Challenge 1: Improvement of Industrial Machinery data extraction and monitoring (+Info)
Challenge 2: Intelligent data management for machine and component servitisation (+Info)


LogoPyme couth              LogoPyme salva              LogoPyme Korta

LogoPyme Sariki              LogoPyme comercialhostelera              LogoPyme euskabea





Basque Food Cluster (Food & Beverage Cluster)
Challenge 1: Intelligent demand forecasting and improvement of procurement and stocking processes (+Info)
Challenge 2: Product and machinery traceability in and outside the factory (+Info)


Logos Pyme Artomana              LogosPymes Itsasmendi              Logos Pyme Baque

Logos Pymes paturpat              Logos Pymes Giraldo





ERAIKUNE  (Construction Cluster)
Challenge 1: Construction site process data capture and analisis (+Info)
Challenge 2: Infrastructure maintenance and management through Digital Twin (+Info)


Logos Pymes fhimasa              Logos Pymes fulcrum              Logos Pymes grupo repair

Logos Pymes obrasespeciales              Logos Pymes zikotz





Habic (Equipment, Furniture & Design Cluster)
Challenge 1: Securisation of Smart devices and connections (+Info)


Logos Pymes alcad                              Logos Pymes burdinola

Logos Pymes daisalux                              Logos Pymes ojmar




Uptek – AFM (Advanced Manufacturing Cluster)


Challenge 1: Machine health and productive processes optimization through AI (+Info)
Challenge 2: Machine data securisation and global asset hardening (+Info)


Logos Pymes ibarmia              Logos Pymes lantek              loire logo                                              Logos Pymes ONA              Logos Pymes zayer




Apply Today | Accepting Applications thru February 3, 2023






Focused on innovation in the public sector, 6 government organizations from the Basque Country are seeking groundbreaking startup technologies. Members of the BIND 4.0 GovTech initiative have identified several digital transformation challenges they are currently facing. Startups with solutions that enhance the accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability of public services are encouraged to apply.

This new initiative offers innovative startups the opportunity to work on real use case projects and access training to ensure the success of collaborative projects with government agencies.



Apply your solution to these 2023 GovTech Challenges:


EJIE (IT Society)

Challenge: Facilitate the use of Basque language in written and spoken channels (+Info)



EVE, Ente Vasco de la Energía (Energy Agency)

Challenge: Gather & analyze valuable data regarding mobility to develop action plans (+Info)

eve.web 1


HAZI  (Agriculture & Food)

Challenge: Better understand the needs of food & forestry companies to improve their competitiveness (+Info)



IHOBE (Environmental Management)

Challenge: Obtain customer behavior data to better develop new activities and services (+Info)



RPTE (Technology Park Network)

Challenge: Visualization and optimization of energy consumption for various infrastructures (+Info)



SPRI (Business Development Agency)

Challenge: Optimize internal operations in terms of document management, recurring processes and procedures (+Info)





Apply Today | Accepting Applications thru February 3, 2023




Find your next clients in the Basque Industry 4.0 Hub


Tech Startups with solutions that can respond to any of the set challenges are encouraged to apply today. Startup teams may apply to more than one challenge and program at a time as long as their technological solutions are relevant. Discover the current technological challenges and apply to put your solutions in action. 

Start the New Year by Joining the Challenge! 


Accepting Startup Applications thru February 3, 2023