Innovation moves forward with 770 Startups and 70 Corporate Clients.

Which technologies will power the future?


We have successfully closed the 8th edition open call for the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program to tech startups worldwide with 777 applications from 76 countries. 

Thank you to all of the founders, collaborators and supporters of innovation who have helped engage the highest amount of startup presentations so far. This summer we attracted the highest number of international applicants with 560 startup teams outside of Spain. The large international response supports the reputation of BIND 4.0 as one of the most well-known and impactful startup accelerator programs in Europe.

BIND 4.0 Application Results

BIND 4.0 8th Edition Results by country

AI Technologies are Trending

We received the most startup submissions for applications of artificial intelligence with an emphasis on machine learning followed by software, computing, connectivity and IoT, cloud platforms, image processing, sensors and acquisition of data, content management platforms, immersive technologies, natural language processing and collaborative and advanced robotics, among others.

BIND 4.0 Application Results - Technologies

BIND 4.0 8th Edition Results by technology


The BIND 4.0 Platform has 70 Corporate Venture Clients eager to work with startups across verticals. This year, the results of the BIND 4.0 8th Edition, present the following breakdown of startup applicants by sector; 41% Intelligent Industry, 29% Clean Energy & Sustainability, 15.8% Health and 14.2% Food. 

BIND 4.0 Application Results Vertical

BIND 4.0 8th Edition Results by vertical


50% of Applicants Presented Technologies for Sustainable Industry

This year we had the addition of 12 Use Cases (click here) defined by the corporate clients and received an exciting amount of responses for each one. The most popular of which were solutions for improving environmental impact, energy efficiency and sustainability with 50% of the applications, followed by digitization and optimization of internal processes and solutions based on traceability and monitoring of product life cycle and value chain. The Use Cases and solutions presented were identified as priorities in this next edition, while there is still a wide variety of innovative solutions including Food and Health technologies of interest to the corporate partners.

Startup Selection Process 8th Edition


In the weeks ahead we move out of the evaluation period, onto the selection of startups for pitching sessions in front of 70 potential clients and finally the matchmaking of startups with corporate venture clients. We can’t wait to see what groundbreaking solutions gain the interest of industry-leading clients for startup-corporate collaborative projects. Stay tuned to find out which startup technologies will power the future of Industry and innovation!