77 Startups Finalists for the 8th Edition of the BIND 4.0 Acceleration Program

We’re pleased to announce that we’ve advanced to the next stage of our selection process with 77 startup finalists for the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program. After months of outreach and reviewing 777 applications, organizing pitching sessions and coordinating matchmaking of startups with our 70 Corporate Partners, we are thrilled with the results. 

In the months ahead, these startups will have the unique opportunity to negotiate real contracts with our industry-leading Corporate Clients who have already handpicked them for their groundbreaking solutions. The startups that come to an agreement on the terms of a contract and project will participate in the 8th edition of the BIND4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program beginning in February 2024.  

The participant startups will not only work on a collaborative project with a reference client, but will have award winning acceleration support. BIND 4.0 provides training, investor sessions, deep-dive sessions, free workspaces and 1:1 mentoring for each startup participant. Plus, these 77 startups get to showcase their innovative solutions at the prestigious Basque Open Industry event this November, a must-attend for the local advanced industrial ecosystem. 



The majority of startups in this finalist stage are international, with 40 applicants from throughout the world from Latin America to Australia. Not only did we see an increase in startup applicants from Europe but we have our first finalist representatives from the United Arab Emirates, Australia and Singapore. The remaining applicants came from different regions of Spain, including 18 Basque startups.These finalists have presented a wide range of technologies which can be applied across the Intelligent Industry, Clean Energy & Sustainability, Health and Food sectors. All those that come to an agreement with one or more Corporate Clients will implement their cutting edge solutions starting in the new year.



The Industry 4.0 technologies trending this year are solutions based on Artificial Intelligence including Machine Learning, Adaptive AI, Image Processing & Artificial Vision, Intelligent Document Processing and Natural Language Processing. We also see an increasing interest in IoT and Connectivity technologies alongside Software, Web3 and Cloud Platforms, Robotics, Immersive Technologies, Biotech, Hydrogen and Clean Technologies. 

These are the latest solutions prioritized by our 70 Corporate Partners ready to contract startups to work on collaborative Industry 4.0 projects during the 24-week Open Innovation & Acceleration Program. 

FInalist Technologies 8th Edition Acceleration Program


Congratulations to the 77 BIND 4.0 Startup Finalists

We are pleased to share with you the finalists of the 8th Edition Acceleration Program:

Additive Manufacturing
Algaloop Microalgae Biotechnology Spain
PrintCB Israel
Artificial Intelligence
4i Intelligent Insights Spain
Avian Software Oy Finland
Anticipate Germany
Artificial Pixels Germany
Aunoa Spain
Automaise Portugal
Bitvox connected acoustics Germany
Cerrion Switzerland
Detektia Spain
ESGgo Israel
Frenel Imaging Israel
GaussML Germany
Industrial Analytics Germany
Inspekto Israel
Khenda United States
Lust4Food Spain
Mindtrace United Kingdom
Qassay Spain
Recog Analytics Spain
Screevo Italy
Tracks CO2 Spain
Uali Spain
Uktena Spain
Universal Omics Spain
ViRe Instruments Spain
Vision Intelligence United Kingdom
Visionairy France
We are Clickers Spain
Big Data
Muutech Monitoring Solutions Spain
Olive Diagnostics Israel
Promptly Health Portugal
W’wave Spain
Connectivity and IoT
Advangrid Latvia
Fibsen Spain
Hedro Sistemas Inteligentes Brazil
Heremos Italy
Loraontech Spain
Safeloc Systems Spain
Singular Things Spain
Goldilock United Kingdom
Locaterisk Germany
Orbik Cybersecurity Spain
Hydrogen Technologies
12 To Zero Technology The Netherlands
Carbon 280 Australia
Go Ahead Engineering Spain
Hydrogen Waves United Kingdom
Immersive Technologies
Infinite Foundry Portugal
iQ3 Connect United States
Nuuk Technologies Intelligent Industry
Veris Behavior Spain
Visionaries 777 Singapore

Robotics and Electronics
Acceleration Robotics Spain
Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar Spain
AICA Switzerland
Cultzyme Spain
Nanostine Spain
Star Robotics Spain
51toCarbonZero United Kingdom
Cequence Slovakia
Digimet Solutions Brazil
MAIRU – Digital Factory Consulting Spain
Emissium Switzerland
Gundo Spain
Usyncro Spain
Voltaage.io France
Other Technologies
Algaeysis Portugal
Biota Spain
Birziplastik Spain
Braind 4.0 Italy
Bromalgae Spain
Kernova Spain
Lifespin Germany
Pyroistech Spain
Nawattia – Smart Comfort Smart Comfort
Solumar United Arab Emirates



Stay Tuned! In the new year we will be announcing the Participants of the 8th edition of the BIND 4.0 Open Innovation & Acceleration Program.  

Key Dates Ahead:

  • November 13-14, 2023: Basque Open Industry event in Bilbao
  • January 26, 2024: Announcement of 8th Edition Participating Startups
  • February 5, 2024: Acceleration Program Launch & Projects with Corporate Clients
  • June 27, 2024: Demo Day, Results of the Industry 4.0 Projects Developed